Open & Fully Attended 24 Hours A Day!

24 Hour Drop Off Service

Drop Off Service in Philadelphia

Can’t seem to find time to do you laundry? Let us help with our convenient 24 hour drop off service! Our Laundry experts carefully sort, wash, and dry each customer’s order individually to give you the most care and attention.

We use Gain Soap and Oxy Clean in every load and Clorox Bleach for your whites. Our expertly trained staff will also follow any special instructions that you may have.

How our Drop Off Service Works:

  1. Drop off your laundry off with one of our attendants at Bakers Centre Laundry.
  2. Your clothes are then weighed ($.99/lb.)
  3. Our Laundry experts carefully sort and wash your clothes.
  4. When your wash is complete, each order is individually dried using Bounce Softener Sheets.
  5. We then meticulously fold and sort each individual item and carefully package the order for your convenience in strong, see-through, plastic bags.
  6. Your order is then ready to be picked up!

Cost: $0.99/ lb. (10lb minimum)

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