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Cyberlaundry Phone App

Using our Self Serve Laundry Service, but don’t feel like waiting around for your laundry? Download the CybyerLaundry phone app today! With the Cyberlaundry Phone App, you can view your card’s balance, pay with your phone, start your machine, and be notified once your laundry is complete!

How to use your smart phone to start the machines:

  1. Go and get your Cyberlaundry Card
  2. Add value to your Cyberlaundry Card
  3. Search for the Cyberlaundry App on Google Play or Itunes
  4. Open the App and register a new account and set your location using GPS
  5. When prompted, link the Cyberlaundry Card by scanning the QR code on the front
  6. To start a machine, scan the machine’s QR code. Your phone will vibrate when completed.

Our Services:
24 Hour Self Serve Laundry
24 Hour Drop Off Service
24 Hour Dry Cleaning