3 Laundry Organization Tips To Prepare For A Trip To The Laundromat

organized laundry


Do you dread laundry day? Whether it’s difficult to find time during your busy schedule or you’re spending too much time at the laundromat, cleaning your clothing doesn’t always have to be a large time commitment. In fact, preparing for a trip to the laundromat before you even step foot out the door can make a huge difference in how you view your laundromat experience. If you ever wondered how to become more organized and better prepared for your next visit to the laundromat, consider these top laundromat tips that you should adopt as soon as possible.

Organize Your Clothing At Home 

Before hauling your hamper to the car, you should organize your laundry at home to save time spent at the laundromat. For the optimal solution for how to organize laundry, separate your light laundry from your darks by either using different colored bins or you can even sort them and store them in different pillowcases. By doing this, you won’t have to spend time doing this at the laundromat and can immediately throw your laundry right into the washing machines!


Have Your Detergent Squared Away  

Instead of bringing various detergent and fabric softener bottles with you, why not prepare your detergent at home first? Grab a few plastic zip bags and pour the amount of detergent you will need for each load that you have. You can even use detergent pods for easier travel convenience as well!


Double Check Washing Machines 

The very last thing you want to deal with is your clothing being ruined by something accidentally left behind by the last user! Be sure to do a quick inspection to make sure the washing machine you’re about to use is free of any forgotten socks, lipstick tubes, or anything else that may have fallen into the last person’s laundry load. You’ll be thankful that you took the extra time to check!


Preparing for a trip to the laundromat has never been easier thanks to these convenient tips and tricks! It’s time to stop dreading your trips to the laundromat and start enjoying them better when you stop by for exceptional 24-hour self serve laundry services. Want more laundromat tips on how to organize laundry better? Contact us today!