5 Most Common Laundry Symbols and Their Meanings

You’ve been doing laundry for the longest! You’ve read countless care tags with washing instructions and you’ve seen the symbols but probably never paid them any mind. Well those symbols aren’t just cute little illustrations to keep you entertained while you read about wash cycles. They actually mean something. Here are some pictures and descriptions of laundry symbols that you never know about!

  1. The most common washing machine instruction: machine wash, normal. This Laundry symbols and their meaningssymbol is depicted as a tub of with water This means that you can wash your garment with no alterations to water temperature, soap, or agitation speed. You may often times see numbers in the middle of the “tubs” which indicate the temperature of water that should be used.
  2. Another common washing instruction is permanent press. Permanent press is meant eliminate wrinkles in clothes by using an appropriate combination of hot and cold water, and agitation and spin speeds. This symbol is depicted as a bucket of water with a line underneath. Two lines underneath indicate a gentle or delicate cycle.
  3. A common laundry symbol that is often overlooked or disregarded is tumble dry, low heat which is often used for delicates and items with any elasticized materials. This symbol is depicted by circle surrounded by a box with a dot in the middle. The same symbol with two and three dots in the middle call for medium and high heat respectively.
  4. Bleach when needed. This symbol is depicted by a transparent triangle while the opposite “do not bleach” instruction symbol is depicted by a solid triangle with an “X”
  5. Some clothes you own call for dry cleaning. This can be indicated by looking at the tag and seeing a single transparent circle. If you see this symbol, you should take your garment to the cleaners where they can properly care for it. You may often times see the same symbol with an “X” which indicates “Do Not Dry Clean.”

Now that you know a little bit more about laundry symbols, be sure to closely examine and follow your wash/care labels and get familiar with them. After a while, you may not even need to read the instructions! If you need help with your laundry, be sure to contact us at Bakers Centre Laundry! Call us at 215-227-1454 or visit us online today!