5 Natural Remedies to Keep Clothes White


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Whether it’s because of skin sensitives, the harshness, odor, or you just don’t like using chlorine bleach, you still need a way to keep your whites fresh and free of stains. This may leave you wondering if it’s possible to lift stains and brighten whites without bleach. We’re here to tell you it is possible! These remedies will not only help brighten your whites and kill bacteria, but they will also be easier on the environment. If you’re ready to ditch the danger and clean comfortably, we’re sharing 5 natural bleach alternatives for clothes.


A Pantry Staple: Vinegar

If you’re wondering how to get clothes white without bleach, one of the best alternatives is distilled white vinegar. Vinegar works quickly to brighten whites, lift stains, disinfect and kill viruses and bacteria, and soften fabrics. To use, try adding ¼ cup to an already-running machine. Alternatively, you can pour one cup of vinegar in with your normal detergent. For tough stains, you can soak your clothes for a few hours in a mixture of vinegar and hot water or soak them overnight before washing them. The only downfall? Vinegar often has a pungent smell. If it still lingers after your presoak, try adding a dryer sheet to your dryer.


When Life Gives You Lemons…

Lemon juice, like vinegar, is acidic and provides your load of laundry with similar bleaching benefits. The citric acid found in lemons helps break down stains and is gentle enough to use on your colored clothes. Add about one cup of lemon juice to your washer to keep whites bright. For an extra boost, add one sliced lemon to a large pot of boiling water, along with the clothing, and let it soak overnight before washing.


Head to Your Medicine Cabinet for Hydrogen Peroxide

A first-aid kit staple, hydrogen peroxide is still classified as bleach, although it is much less toxic. It’s great for treating bad odors, removing stains, and brightening whites. To use it as a natural bleach for clothes, add about one cup of hydrogen peroxide (3%) straight into the bleach dispenser of your washer along with your regular detergent.


Neutralize Odors with Baking Soda

Often used in baking or to eliminate odors in your refrigerator, baking soda also makes an excellent natural bleaching agent. It’s tough on hard-to-remove stains and makes a great fabric softener replacement. To wash your whites with baking soda, add ½ cup to your laundry along with your normal detergent. Avoid placing it in the automatic dispenser, as it may not dissolve completely. To remove stains, mix baking soda with some warm water until a paste forms. Apply directly to the stain and let it sit for 15 minutes, then wash as usual.


Vitamin D for Your Whites

The most natural way to brighten your whites is using the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This green laundry solution also conserves energy, helping to shrink your electricity bill. The sun can help whiten whites, fade stains, disinfect, and reduce odors.


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