Ask The Experts: How to Wash Delicate Clothing

washing delicate clothing

When it comes to laundry, one of the most important rules is that not all articles of clothing can be washed or dried the same way. Since clothing varies in material, it is only fitting that the wash and dry process for different materials vary as well. Clothes that are categorized as delicate, for example, should be washed and dried differently from towels. It’s important to take note of their recommended washing and drying treatments in order to keep your delicates in good condition. We asked our laundry experts at Bakers Centre Laundry how to go about laundering delicate clothing and here is what they have to share.

How to Wash Delicate Clothing

Delicate clothing should always be washed differently from normal articles of clothing. From items with embroidery, knitted and wool items, to silks and rayon, these items are categorized as delicate and should be washed as such. Some will say that hand washing these items in the sink with cold water will suffice, however, if you are running out of time and need a quicker way to launder these items, use the delicate wash setting on the laundry machine. Using a mesh bag for each individual delicate item can help protect these items even more during the washing process. If you need further information, be sure to refer to the label on your clothing tag for exact instructions!

How to Dry Delicates

Similar to the washing process, the best solution for how to dry delicates is by air drying. If the delicates that you are dying are heavier materials, such as knitted items or wool, be sure to lay them flat on a towel to dry. Lighter fabrics such as silk can be dried on a hanger. However, if you need to dry your delicate clothing quicker, use the lowest dry setting on your dryer. Using strong heat can tamper with the quality of your clothing’s materials. The drying process is important for your delicates as any excess heat can diminish the quality of its material. In addition, the power of the drying machine could cause damage to any beaded articles of clothing. Be sure to refer to the tag on your clothing if possible for detailed instructions on how to dry it!

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