Benefits of Drop-Off Laundry Services

Very few people enjoy doing laundry. On average, many spend at least eight hours a month doing this chore, which is a significant chunk of time. It’s no surprise that laundry day can put a damper on your mood, but what if there was a service that takes this workload off of you? Fortunately, you can get your time back by using a drop-off service. With drop-off laundry service, a professional will tackle your dirty laundry so you don’t have to. Below, we highlight some of the advantages you will find by using a drop-off laundry service.

Saves Time

After a busy day at work or once it’s finally the weekend, the last thing you want to think about is your growing pile of dirty laundry. By the time you lug your laundry basket to the washer, sort the darks from the lights, wash each load, dry the clothes, and then fold everything, a couple of hours have passed. If you can’t find the time in your schedule to do your laundry or are looking to get back those lost hours, you might want to consider a drop-off service. At Bakers Centre Laundry, all you have to do is call us at 215-227-1454 to schedule your drop-off date, and we’ll handle the rest!


Most laundromats offer their customers incredible discounts and incentives for choosing to launder with them. When you decide to drop off your clothes at Bakers Centre Laundry, you can save on the cost of detergent, power consumption, and other expenses. We also only use the best detergent for whites, like Clorox bleach, so your garments are given the utmost care and best clean. Additionally, we utilize a convenient laundry app if you decide to do your laundry yourself at our facility. With LaundryCat, simply download the app, activate and add funds to your account, and then pay for your cycle. We also offer free dry dollars when you wash with us.

Receive Professional Service

We’ve all been there—you pull out your favorite shirt or sweater from the washer or dryer, and it has shrunk three sizes. Or maybe you accidentally mixed your darks with your whites. Whatever the mistake, say goodbye to your laundry hassles and let our professionals carefully sort, wash, dry, and fold your clothes. At Bakers Centre Laundry, our team uses only the most effective techniques and processes based on fabric and material, so you always get back clean, stain-free clothes. No more asking, “How to remove stains?” when you drop off your laundry load at Bakers!


Doing laundry at home is anything but convenient, and it’s often a chore that is put aside until your dirty laundry piles up. Aside from saving you copious amounts of time and money, drop-off wash and fold services are convenient. Gone are the days of adjusting your busy schedule around your laundry. With our drop-off service, we accommodate laundry day according to your plans. We recognize you’re busy, so don’t waste your time and energy on laundry! Utilize the wash and fold services at Bakers Centre Laundry.

Extend the Longevity of Your Clothes

Do you feel like you are constantly buying new clothes? Do your garments look faded, shrunk, or raggedy? Extend the life of your clothing by using a professional drop-off service. A laundry professional will know the best detergent for whites and how to remove stains properly so you can wear your clothes for much longer.

The Best 24-Hour Drop-Off Service by Bakers Centre Laundry 

Have you been searching the internet for a 24-hour drop-off laundromat service near me? You’ve come to the right place! At Bakers Centre Laundry, we’re the top wash and fold laundromat across the Philadelphia area, making washing your clothes more manageable. Stop by today or contact us at 215-227-1454 to learn more about our services.