Best Folding Tricks

For many, folding laundry is a menial task that is practically done on autopilot. However, if you hastily fold your clothes as soon as they leave the dryer, you are likely wasting closet space and wrinkling your garments in the process. Before you toss another load in the wash, check out the following folding hacks that will save you time and space while keeping things organized.

The Best Ways to Fold Clothes

Did you know that the average person spends over 115 minutes a week doing laundry? If you are looking to make this cumbersome task smoother, our team shares six helpful tips to keep your clothes (and your home) looking their best.

Wash on a cold cycle.

The key to getting the perfect fold every time, regardless of the fabric or garment, is washing on a cold cycle. While many people swear by washing in hot or warm water, newer machines are advanced enough to get your clothes fresh and clean using cold water. To avoid wrinkles, rinse your clothes in a cool setting.

Fold while your laundry is warm.

One of the best ways to fold clothes is while still warm. As your clothes cool, they start to wrinkle. Avoid crumpled clothes with this tried and true trick.

Utilize flat surfaces. 

For a fabulous fold every time, you must use the proper surface. Flat, sturdy work areas ensure a neater, easier fold with fewer creases.

Contain clothing in a drawer.

If your folded garments are going into a dresser or drawer, opt for containers or dividers to keep things neat and organized. These organizers contain the neat folds you made while keeping paired garments, like pajamas, together.

Fold towels in thirds or roll them up.

If you are looking for that “5-star hotel” towel hack, we can help! Many people believe towels are one of the most basic and easiest things to fold, but that is not often true. Learning to fold towels into thirds can help you achieve that flawless look. Using this folding method, edges will remain neat. You can also opt to roll your towels while still tucking the edges in for a tidied appearance.

Learn to properly fold your bed sheets.

Do you know how to fold a fitted sheet? Do not worry—you are not alone! Before you shove your clean sheets into a drawer, try out this easy method. You can also package your folded linens and matching pillowcases together so when it comes time to change your sheets, everything is ready to go and easily accessible.

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