How to Properly Sort Your Laundry

sorting laundryWe know how frustrating it can be to pull your whites out of the laundry just to find them tinted pink from a stray red sock. Or your favorite light-colored pants come out dull and dingy after repeated washes. If you end up with lots of problems with your clothes after their trip through the laundry room, it could be your fault. Perhaps, you don’t know how to sort laundry. Properly sorting laundry can seem like a mystery, but when you follow our simple tips, you can say goodbye to these laundry accidents. 

Sorting Laundry Made Simple

Clothing should be sorted by color, fabric type, and washing requirements. Utilizing separate laundry hampers or a laundry hamper with sorting sections can make this task easier. Once you understand these basics, you can set yourself up for laundry success. Below, our experts share some helpful tips if you’re wondering how to sort laundry

Read the Label

The best laundry tip we can offer is to always read the care instructions before laundering anything. The label shares valuable information like whether the item can be machine washed, what temperature to use, and how to dry the fabric. Clothing labels that read “wash separately,” “hand wash only,” or “dry clean only ” shouldn’t be ignored and placed into separate piles. 

Sort by Color

Clothes with deep colors are more likely to bleed dye and run when washed. You can avoid damaging whites and light-colored clothes by sorting them according to color and grouping dark, medium, and light colors together. 

Sort by Fabric

You can further sort each pile by type of fabric. In the white/light-colored collection, divide towels and bedsheets from shirts, underwear, lingerie, and slacks. In the dark colors, separate t-shirts and jeans from blouses and dress shirts. If you have dark towels or sheets, you can separate them from your clothes to reduce lint. Check out this quick guide to help you divide your laundry up by fabrics: 

  • Delicates – knits, lingerie, or fabrics that require gentle washing
  • Cotton – T-shirts, leggings, and cotton blends with more than 50% cotton
  • Polyester – shirts, blouses, and poly blends with more than 50% polyester
  • Jeans –  denim, pants, khakis, and other heavy materials
  • Athletic wear – shorts, tanks, leggings, and spandex
  • Towels – towels, washcloths, hand towels
  • Sheets – sheets, pillowcases, and blankets 

Wash Heavily Soiled Clothes Separately 

Athletic wear, children’s sports gear, and other heavily soiled items with ground-in dirt or oil stains should be divided by color and fabric but washed separately from your other clothing items. Washing heavily soiled items will prevent the dirt, grime, and strong odors from redepositing on other clothing. 

Laundry Tips from Your Friends at Bakers Centre Laundry

Make discolored clothes and laundry mistakes a thing of the past when you enlist the help of Bakers Centre Laundry! We offer affordable self-serve and drop-off laundry services for your convenience, making laundry day easy. Our friendly, professional staff are available to answer any questions you may have or help with our machines, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Stop in today and see why we’ll be your new favorite laundromat.

How to Properly Wash Your Comforter

washing your comforterYour comforter is likely the most intimidating piece of laundry to wash because of its enormous size. On top of that, they’re often expensive and filled with delicate material. So the question remains, can you wash your comforter at home? The answer is yes, you can and you should! Nevertheless, this task can be challenging; a comforter’s filling can bunch up during the wash and dry cycle, leaving you feeling less than confident on laundry day. Below, the experts at Bakers show you how to wash a comforter at home to ensure it comes out clean and lump-free.

How Often Should You Wash Your Comforter?

While not quite as dirty as your sheets, your comforter gets grimier every night you sleep with it. That’s because you lose moisture in the form of sweat while you sleep. That, combined with the skin flakes you shed while you toss and turn, turns your bed into a breeding ground for dust mites! House dust mites survive off your skin flakes and live in your bed sheets, comforters, and pillows. Sounds gross, right? That’s why it’s vital to wash your comforter. A comforter protected by a duvet cover should be washed two or three times a year, while one without should be washed every one to two months.  

How to Wash a Comforter At Home

Before you toss your comforter in the laundry bin, you should ensure you have a few items readily available, like a spot remover, the correct detergent, and a sizable washer and dryer that can accommodate this large blanket. 

Spot remover – Probably our favorite laundry tip, treat stubborn stains before washing your comforter with a spot remover.

Detergent – Selecting the correct detergent based on the material of your comforter is paramount for success. Opt for a mild or gentle one that’s safe for delicate fabrics. 

Washing and drying machine – The most crucial step to washing your comforter at home is ensuring your machines are large enough to accommodate the size of your comforter. Check to see if there’s enough room inside to thoroughly clean your comforter; failure to do so could result in a compressed and lumpy comforter. 


  • Step 1 – Read the care label – Comforters come in several sizes, styles, and materials, so it’s wise to check the manufacturer’s care label before you wash. 
  • Step 2 – Check for holes and rips – If your comforter has any noticeable holes, tears, or loose threads, it’s best to fix these before you load your blanket into the washer to avoid further damage. 
  • Step 3 – Spot treat stains – Accidents happen and should be immediately treated. Old, set-in stains might not come out in the washing machine, so it’s crucial to kickstart the process with a spot treatment. 
  • Step 4 – Pick the correct detergent and settings – Not all washing machines are created equal. Ensure yours is large enough to accommodate your comforter. Additionally, you’ll want to pick a detergent that’s mild enough for the delicate material. Lastly, while it might seem obvious to select the bulky cycle, your best choice is the gentle or delicate cycle to ensure you don’t ruin your comforter. 


Can I Put a Comforter in the Dryer?

You can, as long as your dryer will accommodate the size of your comforter. Check the care tag to see if the instructions recommend air or machine drying. If you can toss your comforter into the dryer, spread it out as much as possible. Add wool dryer balls to help fluff the comforter while drying. Set the dryer to low or no heat setting. Remove every 20 to 30 minutes to redistribute and re-fluff the material.  

Laundry Tips from Bakers Centre Laundry 

Have you been searching for a laundromat near me that utilizes large-capacity washers and dryers? Then stop into Bakers Centre Laundry! No matter the time on the clock, our laundromat is fully attended to, so you can wash and dry your large load or comforter at your convenience.

How to Take Care of Winter Clothes

winter laundryThe weather is getting colder, meaning you’ll be reaching for your winter wardrobe favorites more often. From cozy knit sweaters down to jackets, hats, and scarves, our winter weather attire keeps us warm and comfortable throughout the season. To ensure they last from season to season, you must take care of them, including how you wash and dry them. Yet, how exactly to care for your winter wardrobe remains a mystery. Should everything be dry-cleaned? Can anything be put in the dryer? Here’s our expert advice for cleaning and caring for winter clothes.

Always check the care tag for washing instructions.

A garment’s care tag contains valuable information, like whether or not they should be hand-washed. While it may be tempting to cut them out or skip reading them before laundering, following the instructions will ensure your winter wardrobe will look its best.  

Hand wash wool clothes and knitted sweaters and scarves.

The best way to wash knitwear and scarves is to hand wash them. Most are made from types of wool, like pashmina, cashmere, or angora, which require a gentle cleaning method.  

Machine wash down jackets or alternative coats twice during winter.

Washing winter clothes can be intimidating, especially with unusual fabrics like wool and down. If you’re wondering what can go into a washer, your down and alternative jackets can be machine-washed. Avoid laundering them too much; twice throughout the winter will keep them smelling fresh. Wash in lukewarm or cool water and use a mild liquid detergent.  

Re-wear your sweaters, jeans, and winter pajamas during the winter. 

During the colder months, you are less prone to sweating. That means your outer layers, like sweaters and jeans, can be worn multiple times without washing. To keep them fresh between washes, toss them into the dryer on low with a dryer sheet for five minutes. 

Wear layers.

Wearing a light t-shirt or camisole underneath your sweater can keep your top layer clean. If your sweater isn’t touching your skin, you won’t have to wash it as often.

Treat stains immediately.

A common wintertime woe; salt stains! Once these pesky stains set into your winter clothes, they can be difficult to remove. Treat stains as soon as they happen to avoid unsightly spots.  

Put hats, gloves, and scarves in a netted laundry bag.

Hats, gloves, and scarves should be washed once a month in a netted laundry bag. The bag keeps the gloves together and protects your scarves from getting caught around the agitator or other clothing items. 

Line dry winter clothes. 

Line-dry your winter clothes when you can. Air drying prevents the fabrics from breaking down (and shrinking!). Shake them out to prevent them from getting crunchy, and lay your sweaters flat and reshape to help retain their shape. 

Washing Winter Clothes With Bakers Centre Laundry

Knitwear, jackets, and wool clothing are all staples in our winter wardrobes, but they need special attention when it comes time for laundry day. If you’ve been searching for a laundromat near me that can help keep your winter clothes looking fresh and clean all season, stop by Bakers Centre Laundry. Our 24-hour laundromat has self-serve laundry options, where you can use our large, commercial-grade washing machines and dryers to do your laundry yourself or drop your gear off with our professionals who wash, fold, and sort your clothes with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Common Laundry Mistakes

laundry mistakeWe’ve all been there, from detergent mishaps to shrunken clothes—experiencing laundry “oops” moments. While modern-day appliances make washing and drying your clothes incredibly easy, doing laundry often involves more than simply tossing your dirty clothes into the washing machine and pulling them out to dry. Laundry day requires proper prep work, the correct detergent, and the right cycle and temperature to keep your fabrics fresh. To avoid annoying laundry problems, follow these best practices for washing and drying each load. 

Laundry Problems and How to Fix Them

Even the best appliances are subject to human error! Don’t let these laundry troubles occur at the expense of your favorite clothing items. Our experts share five common laundry mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Not reading the label

Probably the most important thing you can do for your clothing before you toss it into the washer is read the care label. The care label acts as a set of instructions for your specific piece of clothing so you know the best way to wash and dry your item. 

Too much detergent

It might seem like using more detergent would help get your clothes cleaner, but the opposite is true. Today’s laundry detergents only require a small capful to get your dirty clothes clean. Too much soap can actually harm your garments, leaving a sticky residue that attracts more dirt, dust, and bacteria. 

Not sorting laundry by color and material

Wash your light-colored clothes and whites separately from your darks and reds to prevent colors from bleeding into each other. While separating lights and darks is probably already part of your laundry routine, you should also sort your clothes by material. Heavier items like jeans and sweaters should be washed separately from blouses and dress shirts. Not sorting your laundry by material can cause abrasion and damage to more delicate fabrics. 

Forgetting to empty pockets and zip up zippers

A laundry tip many people might not know of is pockets need to be emptied. Tissues, lipsticks, coins, or car keys left in a pocket can ruin your laundry and machine. Also, remember to zip up garments before tossing them into the washer. Zippers have jagged teeth that can snag other fabrics in the wash.

Not pretreating stains

Your best bet at removing stains is to pretreat the area before throwing the clothing in the washer. The longer the stain penetrates the garment’s fibers, the harder it will be to remove. Dab stains gently (avoid over-scrubbing) and pretreat with cold water, detergent, or a stain remover, then wash as usual. Avoid tossing the stained clothing in the dryer; if the washer doesn’t get the stain out, the heat from your dryer can set the stain and make it even harder to remove. 

Laundry Tips and Tricks from Bakers Centre

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure your clothing comes out clean and protected every time! On your next laundry day, stop by Bakers Centre Laundry, where our team can assist you with superior 24-hour laundry services.

Benefits of Drop-Off Laundry Services

drop off laundry serviceVery few people enjoy doing laundry. On average, many spend at least eight hours a month doing this chore, which is a significant chunk of time. It’s no surprise that laundry day can put a damper on your mood, but what if there was a service that takes this workload off of you? Fortunately, you can get your time back by using a drop-off service. With drop-off laundry service, a professional will tackle your dirty laundry so you don’t have to. Below, we highlight some of the advantages you will find by using a drop-off laundry service.

Saves Time

After a busy day at work or once it’s finally the weekend, the last thing you want to think about is your growing pile of dirty laundry. By the time you lug your laundry basket to the washer, sort the darks from the lights, wash each load, dry the clothes, and then fold everything, a couple of hours have passed. If you can’t find the time in your schedule to do your laundry or are looking to get back those lost hours, you might want to consider a drop-off service. At Bakers Centre Laundry, all you have to do is call us at 215-227-1454 to schedule your drop-off date, and we’ll handle the rest! 


Most laundromats offer their customers incredible discounts and incentives for choosing to launder with them. When you decide to drop off your clothes at Bakers Centre Laundry, you can save on the cost of detergent, power consumption, and other expenses. We also only use the best detergent for whites, like Clorox bleach, so your garments are given the utmost care and best clean. Additionally, we utilize a convenient laundry app if you decide to do your laundry yourself at our facility. With LaundryCat, simply download the app, activate and add funds to your account, and then pay for your cycle. We also offer free dry dollars when you wash with us. 

Receive Professional Service

We’ve all been there—you pull out your favorite shirt or sweater from the washer or dryer, and it has shrunk three sizes. Or maybe you accidentally mixed your darks with your whites. Whatever the mistake, say goodbye to your laundry hassles and let our professionals carefully sort, wash, dry, and fold your clothes. At Bakers Centre Laundry, our team uses only the most effective techniques and processes based on fabric and material, so you always get back clean, stain-free clothes. No more asking, “How to remove stains?” when you drop off your laundry load at Bakers! 


Doing laundry at home is anything but convenient, and it’s often a chore that is put aside until your dirty laundry piles up. Aside from saving you copious amounts of time and money, drop-off wash and fold services are convenient. Gone are the days of adjusting your busy schedule around your laundry. With our drop-off service, we accommodate laundry day according to your plans. We recognize you’re busy, so don’t waste your time and energy on laundry! Utilize the wash and fold services at Bakers Centre Laundry. 

Extend the Longevity of Your Clothes

Do you feel like you are constantly buying new clothes? Do your garments look faded, shrunk, or raggedy? Extend the life of your clothing by using a professional drop-off service. A laundry professional will know the best detergent for whites and how to remove stains properly so you can wear your clothes for much longer. 

The Best 24-Hour Drop-Off Service by Bakers Centre Laundry 

Have you been searching the internet for a 24-hour drop-off laundromat service near me? You’ve come to the right place! At Bakers Centre Laundry, we’re the top wash and fold laundromat across the Philadelphia area, making washing your clothes more manageable. Stop by today or contact us at 215-227-1454 to learn more about our services.

How to Wash Your Whites

Doing the laundry seems like a no-brainer task; you put your dirty clothes in the washer, add detergent, and press start. But, this simple process doesn’t always guarantee that your whites will come out sparkling bright and fresh every time. With a little care, you can keep your whites white and maybe even remove those pesky coffee stains. Below our experts share how to remove stains from your laundry, the best detergent for whites, and other sage advice. 

How to Keep Whites Whitewashing white clothes

There’s nothing like a crisp white t-shirt, but keeping it bright can be challenging. Spills, stains, and splashes can all tarnish your white clothes, and sometimes, regular washing can dull your brightest garments. Before you load your washing machine, there are a few things you can do to ensure your whites come out as fresh as when you bought them. 

Read clothing labels

Whether you’re washing whites, darks, or delicates, it’s crucial to check the care label before tossing your clothes in the washing machine. The care label acts as your instructions on how to best wash your clothing item to keep it from getting damaged. 

Sort your laundry

To retain whiteness, it’s best to wash whites separately. Colored clothes can bleed in the wash and cause discoloration. Experts recommend separating by fabric only when you’re washing bathing suits and athletic wear because they are made of materials like spandex and nylon, which need to be treated differently than cotton and linens.  

Pretreat stains

It’s always best to treat stains as soon as they happen. You can apply a stain remover or pretreat with a liquid detergent, dishwashing liquid, or shampoo. Gently rub the liquid into the fabric with a toothbrush or your fingers. Then, launder as you normally would. Additionally, people often wonder how to remove stains that have set into the fabric, especially underarm yellowing. You can apply an undiluted liquid oxygen bleach, baking soda, or peroxide directly to the fabric before laundering and then wash as usual. If you notice your whites looking dull, you can wash them with a color remover or soak them in a tub of boiling water and oxygen bleach.   

Choose the best detergent for whites 

Select a detergent with a bleach alternative or enzymes for maximum whitening power. You can also boost your detergent by adding borax or a cup of distilled white vinegar. Both are great for whitening, freshening, and brightening your whites. 

Select the correct water temperature and cycle

The best way to keep your whites bright is to launder them in the hottest water the fabric will tolerate. Hot water works best to break down and eliminate dirt and stains, but it can also cause shrinkage, so it’s crucial to check your care labels. Select the gentle or delicate cycle for your white items.

Dry outside

Line dry your white garments outside for the best whitening results. The sun’s UV rays help preserve the color and help the fiber integrity last longer. 

Why Choose Bakers Centre Laundry for Your Laundry Needs?

If your dirty clothes are piling up, stop by Bakers Centre Laundry—a 24-hour full-service laundromat! We’re the best wash and fold laundromat across the Greater Philadelphia area, helping residents make laundry day easier than ever. No matter what type of laundry load you have—whites, darks, comforters, or athletic wear—we are your go-to choice for the ideal wash and dry. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to do Laundry

Learning how to do the laundry that is piling up in your basket is something everyone should know, and luckily, it’s not too demanding! With today’s fabrics, detergents, and machines, you can avoid many classic mistakes that often come from doing laundry the first few times. Whether you love laundry or hate it, we have compiled a step-by-step guide on how to do your laundry so that the process is faster and easier! Say goodbye to clothes shrinking and your whites turning pink by following these easy steps: 

Read the Labels

Reading the labels on your clothes (often located on a tag) will provide critical laundry tips on how to treat that specific item of clothing. It is essential to follow the instructions on the labels to prevent damage to your clothes. Below we share a few examples:

  • “Dry clean only”: This label means you cannot wash the item in a machine. Pay close attention to this tag, as severe damage could occur to your clothing if you ignore the instructions. 
  • “Wash separately” or “hand wash only”: Place these items into separate piles and ensure you wash them by hand to preserve their material, shape, and color.

Separate your Clothing 

After removing any items with special instructions, begin sorting your clothes by color. This prevents any colors from running and ensures your colors stay bright! Clothes should be separated into three color piles. Whites, light colors, and dark colors.  

Pay Attention to Fabric

The fabric of your clothes will determine the temperature at which you wash them and the drying technique. Understanding how to do the laundry of each specific fabric type will help you avoid brutal mistakes! Below are common fabric type examples and the best washing methods: 

  • Cotton: Wash in cold water, dry on a low setting, and remove to air dry
  • Polyester: Wash in cold or warm water with fabric softener, and then air dry
  • Linen: Wash in warm water on a gentle cycle separate from other fabrics, and then line dry
  • Wool: Hand wash or place in a mesh bag to machine wash in cold water and lay flat to dry
  • Spandex: Turn the item inside out and place it in a mesh bag, wash on a gentle setting, and then air dry
  • Silk: Hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry 

Pick a Detergentman picking out detergent

Choosing a detergent is an important decision, and we suggest selecting an all-purpose laundry detergent. It is crucial to read the directions to determine the amount you use based on the size of your laundry load. While bargain brand detergents may appear to save you money, many of them may be less effective since some can contain up to 90% water. Here’s a helpful link to provide more insights on laundry detergents . If your clothes have stains, pre-treat them before washing them. Removing grass stains and sweat stains requires different actions. Generally, we recommend using OxyClean or a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. Add the detergent to the washing drum or dispenser BEFORE loading it with clothes to prevent residue on your clothing. 

Load and Choose the Correct Water Temperature and Cycle 

It is critically important not to overload your washer. Overloading the washer can impede the garments’ ability to agitate, resulting in less than optimal results. To choose the correct water temperature and cycle, ensure you understand how different fabrics should be washed (see above). One of the most vital laundry tips we can give you is to follow the recommendations for different temperatures and cycles. Disregarding this and throwing all your clothes into one load can result in shrinkage, discoloration, and damage. 

Load the Dryer

Once your washing cycle is complete, place your clothes in the dryer. However, only the clothes that can be dried in a machine should be put in the dryer. Placing clothing like bathing suits, linens, and silk into the dryer can cause them to shrink. Check the labels on each item to determine whether they should be laid flat to dry, tumble dry, etc. As with loading washers, it’s important not to overload the dryer and to avoid choosing a dryer temperature that may be too hot for the items you are drying. 

Do Your Laundry at The Laundry Cafe

The Laundry Cafe is your local self-serve laundromat with everything you need to do your laundry easily and quickly. Laundry is not a chore when you use our facility! We provide convenient, affordable, and exciting amenities that will make your experience fun! Check out our offerings and visit us for your next laundry load. 


Top 5 Benefits of Wash and Fold Laundry Services

During your busy life, it can be hard to find the time to get that growing pile of laundry done. After a long day at work or even on the weekend, the last thing you want to think about is tackling your laundry. Americans spend about twenty minutes a day doing the laundry, which takes up a significant chunk of their time every week. If you dislike laundry day and are ready to put some more time back into your busy schedule, the experts at Bakers Centre Laundry share five benefits of 24-hour drop-off services.

What Is a Wash and Fold Service?woman with folded laundry

What if we told you there was a laundry service that could save you valuable time and money while cleaning your clothes better than you could at home? Luckily, this option already exists. Wash and fold laundry services help you eliminate your growing pile of dirty clothes by bringing them to your local laundromat and having a professional wash, dry, and fold them. All you have to do is take the time to drop off your laundry and then schedule a time to pick it up. When you utilize the affordable laundry services at Bakers Centre Laundry, we take special care of your garments and note any specific preferences like using hypoallergenic detergent or eco-friendly products. These services provide several benefits that we will highlight below:


On average, it takes approximately 27 minutes to wash, dry, and fold one load of laundry. The typical household produces anywhere from eight to ten loads per week, meaning a significant amount of time is spent doing laundry. Reclaim your weekends with convenient wash and fold laundry services! Many facilities offer an easy pick-up service, so you don’t have to adjust your busy schedule around the service. All you have to do is put your laundry away!

Saves Time

Doing your laundry by yourself takes up valuable time during your week. Apart from separating and washing your laundry, it can take hours to dry and fold your clothes. With a wash and fold service, you don’t even have to separate your laundry. There’s no need to pretreat stains either. Just pack them up, and we’ll do the cleaning for you. Get those lost hours back with 24-hour drop-off services


Unlike dry cleaning services, which can quickly add up, wash and fold laundry service is relatively inexpensive. At Bakers Centre Laundry, our drop-off services cost $1.49 per pound, and bulky comforters and blankets only cost $16 per piece. When you compare those prices to constantly running your washer and dryer, you can understand the savings. Add in other expenses, like the cost of detergent, and you can see why so many choose to wash and fold services. 

Professional Cleaning

The professionals at Bakers Centre Laundry are experts in cleaning laundry. Our facility is staffed with a team who knows the tricks to keep your laundry looking good as new. Additionally, we have the latest machines and detergents, which are often gentler, faster, and more efficient than what you use at home. 

Caters to Your Needs

Do you require a hypoallergenic detergent? With a wash and fold service, your needs are a priority. Just tell the service provider beforehand, and they will ensure your garments are laundered to your preferences. 

Affordable Laundry Services from Bakers Centre Laundry

Are you tired of doing laundry? Then visit us at Bakers Centre Laundry and consider using our wash and fold laundry service. We’re the premier wash and fold laundromat, serving residents across the Philadelphia area with professional laundry drop-off services. No matter the type of laundry load, Bakers Centre Laundry is your go-to choice for the ideal laundromat in the area! Schedule your drop-off date with us today!

Best Folding Tricks

folding laundryFor many, folding laundry is a menial task that is practically done on autopilot. However, if you hastily fold your clothes as soon as they leave the dryer, you are likely wasting closet space and wrinkling your garments in the process. Before you toss another load in the wash, check out the following folding hacks that will save you time and space while keeping things organized.  

The Best Ways to Fold Clothes

Did you know that the average person spends over 115 minutes a week doing laundry? If you are looking to make this cumbersome task smoother, our team shares six helpful tips to keep your clothes (and your home) looking their best.

Wash on a cold cycle.

The key to getting the perfect fold every time, regardless of the fabric or garment, is washing on a cold cycle. While many people swear by washing in hot or warm water, newer machines are advanced enough to get your clothes fresh and clean using cold water. To avoid wrinkles, rinse your clothes in a cool setting.

Fold while your laundry is warm.

One of the best ways to fold clothes is while still warm. As your clothes cool, they start to wrinkle. Avoid crumpled clothes with this tried and true trick.

Utilize flat surfaces. 

For a fabulous fold every time, you must use the proper surface. Flat, sturdy work areas ensure a neater, easier fold with fewer creases. 

Contain clothing in a drawer.

If your folded garments are going into a dresser or drawer, opt for containers or dividers to keep things neat and organized. These organizers contain the neat folds you made while keeping paired garments, like pajamas, together. 

Fold towels in thirds or roll them up.

If you are looking for that “5-star hotel” towel hack, we can help! Many people believe towels are one of the most basic and easiest things to fold, but that is not often true. Learning to fold towels into thirds can help you achieve that flawless look. Using this folding method, edges will remain neat. You can also opt to roll your towels while still tucking the edges in for a tidied appearance.

Learn to properly fold your bed sheets.

Do you know how to fold a fitted sheet? Do not worry—you are not alone! Before you shove your clean sheets into a drawer, try out this easy method. You can also package your folded linens and matching pillowcases together so when it comes time to change your sheets, everything is ready to go and easily accessible.

Why Choose Bakers Centre Laundry for Your Laundry Services?

Whether we are suggesting the best tips for folding laundry or helping you remove those pesky stains with a clever hack, the professionals at Bakers Centre Laundry are here to help. We are fully attended 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure your laundry pile is never overwhelming. Stop by our laundromat today and enjoy our laundry folding services like self-serve and drop-off assistance.

The Benefits of Washing Clothes in Cold Water

wash clothes in cold waterOld habits can be tough to break—like washing a load of laundry in piping hot water. In fact, over 60% of American households still wash their clothes in warm water. The mindset that warm or hot water makes clothes cleaner or kills off more bacteria is not entirely true, yet it has been passed down from generation to generation. In today’s world, High-Efficiency washers and specially formulated detergents do most of the work, allowing you to wash your clothes on cold cycles. But why wash clothes in cold water? Because it not only helps save the environment, but it can also save you some money. The experts at Bakers Centre Laundry share why cold water washing is the best way to do laundry.

When Cold Water Washing Works

The average household washes about 50 pounds of laundry every week and over 6,000 articles of clothing every year! That equates to over 5,000 gallons of water annually. Making the switch from hot water to warm or cold water can help cut your energy consumption in half and save you money on your monthly utility bills. Below we share several other advantages of washing your clothes in cold water. 

Removes Stains Better

Stubborn stains, like sweat and blood, respond better to cold water. These stains will set into the fabric when treated in hot water. Other tough stains like grass and makeup are easily removed in cold water. 

Delicate Fabrics are Safer

Fabrics such as silk or lace are much safer in cooler, gentler temperatures. Hot water can damage these fabrics, causing them to fade, wrinkle, transfer color, or break down. 

No Worries of Shrinkage

One of the worst things that can happen to your favorite sweater is it shrinks! If you’re still wondering why washing clothes in cold water is your best option, it can save you from tossing your clothes in the garbage from shrinkage!

Fewer Wrinkles

Cold water washing also stops pesky pilling and reduces wrinkles. You will also save time and energy costs associated with ironing.  

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient

Did you know that about 90% of the energy your washing machine uses goes toward heating the water? Washing in cold water not only saves the environment but also saves energy. Some studies suggest that switching to cold water can eliminate over 1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, and it helps decrease your carbon footprint when you make the switch to cold water washing. 

The Best Way to Do Laundry Is at Bakers Centre Laundromat! 

The bottom line is that cold water washing can help save the planet, and your clothes will last longer. For more laundry tips and tricks, visit Bakers Centre Laundry, the best 24-hour laundromat in the Philadelphia area. Our team is here to help answer your questions and ensure your laundry day is as enjoyable as possible. Stop in today to utilize our self-serve and drop-off services.

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