Bye-Bye, Bacteria: How to Disinfect Laundry from Bacteria

How to Disinfect Laundry from Bacteria

As lovely as the winter season can be, the rise of the flu and seasonal colds are definitely not so lovely! While getting better is your top priority, making sure your clothing is freshly sanitized should be up on your list too. However, tossing your infected clothing straight in the wash with your other clothes won’t do justice towards fighting off bacteria! Let the cleaning pros at Bakers Centre Laundry share how to how to disinfect laundry from bacteria:

Chasing Away the Bacteria 

While the transfer of bacteria and germs from getting in contact with an infected person’s material items aren’t as common, bacteria will remain on the clothing for many hours. To effectively remove any lingering bacteria from your laundry, we recommend using a strong disinfectant. Whether you choose pine oil or a liquid chlorine disinfectant, be sure you are always using hot water—it works the best for repelling bacteria. To properly disinfect your laundry, you simply:

  • Set the washing machine temperature to hot
  • Apply the correct amount of disinfecting product
  • Use high heat for the drying cycle

And ta-da! Your clothing is fresh from any bacteria and can be re-washed properly with your other clothing, problem-free. If you are concerned about using any sort of bleach on your clothing, there are always natural disinfectants without bleach recipes and products you can use as a more organic alternative!

Bacteria Begone Tips
To stay on top of the bacteria fighting game and avoid keeping the bacteria around, try incorporating these helpful tips in your laundry routine:

  • Make sure the disinfectant reacts fine with your material of clothing. Test a small amount on the material first.
  • Keep your infected laundry in a separate hamper from your other clothing to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Clean your washing machine often as it can build up bacteria. See how to clean your washing machine for the full details!

Enjoy what this winter season has to offer without being concerned that your clothing is holding you back! Contact us to how to disinfect laundry from bacteria while keeping it fresher than ever!