How Proper Laundry Routines Can Alleviate Your Allergies

alleviate allergies

The refreshing spring weather heralds a new exciting season to spend outdoors. However, it is also a time for the revival of spring allergies. For those who suffer greatly from their allergies, it can cause a lot of physical stress and discomfort. However, Bakers Centre Laundry believes that laundry methods and cleaning can reduce the grip allergies have over you this spring.

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, over 50 million Americans will spend their refreshing spring days with puffy red eyes, sneezing and wheezing with no relief. Those afflicted with allergies remain indoors because it’s easier to control the temperature and avoid allergens. However, even in a controlled environment, your allergies can remain a threat.

The biggest cause of allergies are dust mites. According to The Spruce, dust mites and their droppings are allergens, and are the primary trigger for allergies. Due to their size, they thrive all around our homes, where our bedrooms are among their favorite hiding places. Washing your linens and sheets frequently gives dust mites less places to hide. The same can be said for pillowcases and comforters as well.

Your laundry room can be a haven for germs to fester if it is not cleaned properly and frequently. Because of the large amount of water contained in the laundry room, mildew and mold can spread in unsuspecting corners, where they will eventually trigger allergies. Be sure to clean around your laundry room thoroughly and often, especially if your device leaks. Make sure to prioritize behind and under your washing machine to eliminate wet spots.

Cleaning your washing machine itself also proves to be a good method to eliminate allergens. Despite being able to contain vast amounts of water, mildew and mold can still permeate throughout your machine and if left for too long, can begin to affect the clothes inside. The same can be said for your dryer. According to The Spruce, vented dryers send the moisture they pull from the clothes through a vent. Cleaning this vent is the best way to eliminate remaining moisture. If your dryer doesn’t have a vent, clean the bin it uses to gather the dust and moisture.

Bakers Centre Laundry is your guide when it comes to laundry and wants to make sure that you can enjoy your spring with little interference from your allergies. For more information on our services, contact us website, or call us at (215)-227-1454.