How To Create The Perfect Weekly Laundry Schedule To Free Up Your Time

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It’s laundry day! Whether you have a specific day of the week that you have designated for laundry or you simply wait until your hamper is overflowing with dirty clothes, finding effective ways for how to free up your time in a day so the day is not completed centered around doing laundry can be quite the challenge. If you have a lot of members in your family or want to maximize your time efficiently, creating a weekly laundry schedule may be the perfect solution for you! If you need help getting started, check out our top tips on creating and implementing a laundry schedule for your family.


Assign Laundry Responsibilities To Each Member

As popularly stated, many hands make light work. The same concept applies to your family’s laundry routine! When it comes to cleaning your laundry, a great solution for how to free up your time in a day includes everyone pitching in. Each member of your household should be responsible for ensuring the pockets of their garments are emptied and are not inside-out before hitting the hamper. Believe it or not, leaving one person to do this task can be surprisingly time-consuming!


Alternate The Types of Laundry You Do

From everyday clothes to bedsheets, there are a handful of various laundry items that can be washed on different occasions. Your bedding can be on a bi-weekly schedule while normal clothing can be washed at the end of the week. Creating a weekly laundry schedule that consists of rotating the type of laundry you do can save you time during the week while putting you in a routine so you can plan ahead accordingly.


Choose A “Laundry-Free” Day

In order to clear up your schedule, designating a day that is free of laundry will keep you and your family on the same page of your laundry routine. Sit down with your family members and decide on a day that would be suitable for everyone to be a day free of any laundry. Whether you choose a day during the week or sometime over the weekend, implementing a successful laundry schedule for your family includes having a day off!


With these tips in mind, complimenting your new laundry schedule with a go-to 24-hour laundromat can make this process a whole lot easier! Thankfully, Bakers Centre Laundry is open for you no matter what your laundry routine is. For more laundry tips and tricks, contact us today.