How to Keep Colored Clothes from Fading

You throw your new favorite red shirt into the laundry and when you pull it out, to your surprise, it resembles the color of your favorite summertime drink—pink lemonade! Whether it’s the first time you washed this particular piece, or it’s been through a cycle or two, garment fading can happen to the best of us. If you happen to be guilty of not reading clothing labels or tossing your clothes in the washer with some detergent, then your brightly colored garments are probably suffering. We’re here to help! The cleaning pros at Bakers Centre Laundry have created a simple list to follow to ensure your brights stay bright.

Wash Darks Together

First things first—separate your darks from your lights. Dark clothing tends to bleed some color when you wash them. If you’re washing a red shirt with a white button down, chances are good that stark white shirt will be a lovely shade of salmon when it’s done in the wash. To prevent this from happening, keep like colors together.

Turn Clothes Inside Out

Fading and general wear and tear can easily be prevented by turning your clothes inside out before washing. The agitation of the washing machine can wear down the fibers of your clothing and since no one sees the inside of your favorite tee, turn it inside out to preserve the color and prevent fading.

Read the Care Label 

Those pesky tags aren’t just in your clothes to make you itchy and uncomfortable! They are there to let you know how to wash your garment. What appears to be a regular old shirt may need to be washed in cold water only to prevent fading. Reading the label will save you a lot of heartache when your clothing comes out of the wash.

Wash in Cold Water

Even if the care label suggests washing your clothing in warm or hot water, laundry detergents have come a long way in recent years. Chances are your detergent will perform just as well in cold water as it will in hot. Cold water drastically reduces color bleeding, extending the colorful life of your clothing.

Don’t Over Dry

While it’s easy to let your laundry sit in the dryer for an extended amount of time, it’s particularly bad for dark and bright colored garments. Over drying causes the colors to fade faster. Set a timer and remove your clothes when they are slightly damp. If viable, it’s even better to line-dry your clothing. Just remember to turn clothing inside out if drying outside as the sun can also cause fading.

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