How to Prevent Your Colors from Fading

Everyone loves the way fresh, brand-new clothing looks: bright, vibrant, solid colors that pop! However, we all know how easy it is for those colors to fade over time after washing. So to prevent your colors from fading, check out these helpful tips!

  1. Read the Care Label 

This may seem like a straight-forward or obvious suggestion, but many of us tend to ignore the care labels on our clothing. That being said, taking a few seconds to identify how our clothes should be properly washed is essential for the lifespan of the garments.

  1. Wash Dark Colors Together

Not only is sorting your clothes a great opportunity to check the care label, but it also eliminates the dreaded possibility of staining all of your white socks red when you accidently throw that new red t-shirt into the wash.

  1. Turn Clothes Inside Out

By turning your clothes inside out while washing and drying, you can reduce the amount of general wear and tear. The washing and drying process is rough on the exterior of your clothes, so you can minimalized the damage by turning them inside out for the cleaning process.

  1. Don’t Stuff the Washer

By stuffing a washer, you may think you’re saving time and resources, but you are in fact making the machine work harder to wash the clothing. Additionally, detergent cannot distribute evenly or be properly rinsed when there are too many clothes in the washer. Similarly, clothes take a lot longer to dry when a large amount is stuffed into a dryer.

  1. Wash in Cold Water

Detergents in the last few years have evolved so that they perform just as well in cold water as they do in hot water. Cold water also reduced color bleeding, while also saving on energy.

  1. Don’t Over-Dry

It’s tempting to set the dryer for a long period of time and let it go, ensuring our clothes are bone dry. However, overheating is detrimental to bright and dark colors as it promotes fading. In fact, clothes should be slightly damp when removing from the dryer, and allowed to completely dry by air.

  1. Add Vinegar

Adding a cup of vinegar to your washing machine acts as a natural fabric softener and also helps prevent color fading.

  1. Use the Gentle Cycle or a Gentle Detergent

Using your machine’s gentle cycle, or by hand washing these delicate items, you can ensure that your colors will last as long as possible. There are also detergents that are specifically formulated to prevent fading and color loss in bright and dark colored clothing.

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