How to Take Care of Winter Clothes

The weather is getting colder, meaning you’ll be reaching for your winter wardrobe favorites more often. From cozy knit sweaters down to jackets, hats, and scarves, our winter weather attire keeps us warm and comfortable throughout the season. To ensure they last from season to season, you must take care of them, including how you wash and dry them. Yet, how exactly to care for your winter wardrobe remains a mystery. Should everything be dry-cleaned? Can anything be put in the dryer? Here’s our expert advice for cleaning and caring for winter clothes.

Always check the care tag for washing instructions.

A garment’s care tag contains valuable information, like whether or not they should be hand-washed. While it may be tempting to cut them out or skip reading them before laundering, following the instructions will ensure your winter wardrobe will look its best.

Hand wash wool clothes and knitted sweaters and scarves.

The best way to wash knitwear and scarves is to hand wash them. Most are made from types of wool, like pashmina, cashmere, or angora, which require a gentle cleaning method.

Machine wash down jackets or alternative coats twice during winter.

Washing winter clothes can be intimidating, especially with unusual fabrics like wool and down. If you’re wondering what can go into a washer, your down and alternative jackets can be machine-washed. Avoid laundering them too much; twice throughout the winter will keep them smelling fresh. Wash in lukewarm or cool water and use a mild liquid detergent.

Re-wear your sweaters, jeans, and winter pajamas during the winter. 

During the colder months, you are less prone to sweating. That means your outer layers, like sweaters and jeans, can be worn multiple times without washing. To keep them fresh between washes, toss them into the dryer on low with a dryer sheet for five minutes.

Wear layers.

Wearing a light t-shirt or camisole underneath your sweater can keep your top layer clean. If your sweater isn’t touching your skin, you won’t have to wash it as often.

Treat stains immediately.

A common wintertime woe; salt stains! Once these pesky stains set into your winter clothes, they can be difficult to remove. Treat stains as soon as they happen to avoid unsightly spots.

Put hats, gloves, and scarves in a netted laundry bag.

Hats, gloves, and scarves should be washed once a month in a netted laundry bag. The bag keeps the gloves together and protects your scarves from getting caught around the agitator or other clothing items.

Line dry winter clothes. 

Line-dry your winter clothes when you can. Air drying prevents the fabrics from breaking down (and shrinking!). Shake them out to prevent them from getting crunchy, and lay your sweaters flat and reshape to help retain their shape.

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