How to Wash Your Jeans to Prevent Fading


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A great pair of jeans is not only a wardrobe staple but an investment piece. Keeping them looking their best isn’t difficult, but it takes some extra care when it comes time to wash them. While handwashing seems to be the ideal method, it’s not always the most practical. The experts at Bakers Centre Laundry are sharing how to wash jeans properly to keep them from fading.


How to Keep Jeans from Fading

Your jeans require special care on laundry day to ensure they last for years to come. But, how often should you wash your denim? Experts suggest washing your jeans every five to ten wears or whenever they appear dirty. If you’re active in your jeans, it’s best to wash them more frequently. If you sit all day, you can go longer between washes. Follow these simple steps to keep your favorite jeans looking good as new.


Read the label.

Before you wash your jeans, always read the care instructions. This label contains information to help prolong the life of your denim and should be followed to prevent fading and avoid dye transfer.


Spot treat stains.

If you spill sauce or have a grease stain, you don’t necessarily need to throw your jeans in the wash every time. Dab the spot with a liquid dish detergent using a white cloth. If it’s an ink stain, try hairspray or rubbing alcohol to remove it. You can also use cornstarch to remove a variety of spots.


Turn your jeans inside out.

One of the simplest ways to keep your jeans from fading is washing them inside out. Washing your jeans this way helps to reduce friction that rubs away the dye, and it ensures the area is clean from oils and sweat. Make sure to zip up the zipper to reduce snags on other garments.


Select your detergent.

Select a detergent that protects from discoloration, pilling, and fading. It’s best to avoid bleach and fabric softener, which can both harm the indigo dye. Alternatively, you can wash your jeans with vinegar to help neutralize odors and set the color.


Use cold water and wash with similar colors.

Always wash your jeans with like colors and in the coldest water option to prevent dye from transferring onto lighter-colored clothing. Jeans are heavy when wet, so avoid washing more than two pairs at a time.


Choose the gentlest wash.

Wash denim on the gentlest or delicate cycle to reduce unnecessary friction between other fabrics.


Hang your jeans to dry or follow the care label.

Most jeans should skip the dryer. Check the care label before tossing them in because the heat can cause the fibers to shrink. Instead, opt to line dry or let them dry on a flat surface.


The experts at Bakers Centre Laundry are always here to answer any questions you may have about laundering your favorite clothes. If you’ve been searching for an affordable laundromat near me, stop by today and check out our services.