How To Wash Your Workout Gear

How to Wash Workout Gear

Gym traffic spikes at two specific times throughout the year: first in January (for obvious reasons) and then again in late spring. Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s the season of getting your “summer bod” ready for weekends at the shore. If this sounds like you, your smelly stack of gym clothes is probably beginning to pile up. Although they take a beating from your body, they need more care than your socks and tees. From your expensive sports bras to your compression shorts, the experts at Bakers Centre Laundry have the best tips and tricks to get your sweaty workout clothes clean in no time!

Turn Your Workout Clothes Inside Out  
When you wash your workout clothes, be sure to turn them inside out. Odor-causing sweat, olis and bacteria from your body gets trapped on the inside of your clothing, causing it to build up. Turning your workout clothes inside out before washing allows water and detergent to better clean the source of the smells.

Beware of Fabric Softeners
If you’re thinking about adding liquid fabric softener to wash your workout clothes–don’t! Never add liquid detergent when washing your workout clothes. The fabric softener will coat your workout clothes, which will lock in any remaining bacteria and odor that’s lingering that might take many washings to get out. Fabric softener also breaks down the elastic fibers that give workout clothes their stretch. If you use fabric softener, you’ll end up with smelly, baggy workout clothes.

Skip the Dryer
Most workout leggings and tops are made from high-performance fabrics which can get damaged due to the high temperatures of the dryer. It can cause the fabric to shrink and even melt. Workout clothes are usually pricy and no one wants their brand new workout leggings to melt!

Although today’s workout gear is high tech, doesn’t mean it’s stink-free! These tips will help your gym clothes smell fresh and clean and last longer for you. ​Bakers Centre Laundry is your guide when it comes to laundry and wants to make sure that you can keep your workout clothes as long as possible! Our services are open to you 24/7. If you have any questions you can call us at (215) 227-1454 or check out more of our website ​here​.