Keeping Your Laundry Fresh for Spring

keep laundry fresh for spring

Spring is all about a refreshing start to the new year and the rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. The cleanliness that spring provides can also manifest in your clothes as well. Bakers Centre Laundry is your destination when it comes to getting that fresh spring sensation in your clothes all season long and has the tips for keeping your laundry fresh in the spring.

Spring brings out vibrancy and revitalizes colors. Why can’t the same be said for your clothes? Keeping the color of your clothes alive will increase their condition and you will want to wear them more often. To do this, organization is key. Separating your lights from your darks is a great way to preserve them, and even further, whites and colors. The importance of this is that darker colors tend to bleed more and can run off onto the other clothes, ruining their look.  Separating can also extend even deeper to denim and delicate loads (delicate refers to intimates, washable silks, and any other sensitive clothing).

Nothing heralds spring like the refreshing smell of cleanliness. Good smells can create pleasant moods and reduce stress, so capturing that spring fragrance can create a refreshing aroma. Of course, fabric softener helps, but a tip that most people seem to forget is the condition of their own washing machine. That’s right, washing machines can get dirty and need to be scrubbed. Forgetting about clothes in the wash and letting them sit after they have finished creates a rotten mildew smell. That smell can remain trapped in the wash and affect your future clothes. To avoid this, make sure to remove clothes after they are washed as soon as possible and try to clean your washer every four to six months. If you plan to clean your washer, you’re welcome to drop your clothes off here and let our 24 hour drop off service do the work for you.

At Bakers Centre Laundry, we want to make sure you start the spring season on the right foot. Our services are open to you 24/7. If you have any questions you can call us at (215) 227-1454 or check out more of our website here.