LaundryCat App

The Laundry Machine App That Is Simple to Install and Use

The Future of Laundry is Here With the LaundryCat App

Gone are the days of paying for a laundry card and remembering to bring it with you to the laundromat. At Bakers Centre Laundry, all you need is your smartphone and the LaundryCat App. LaundryCat allows you to pay for and start laundry machines with the tap of a button. Installing the app is simple, and after creating your account, you can add funds and begin doing your laundry. You will have full control over your laundry payment and operation, all from the convenience of your phone. When you download our laundry app, your phone acts like a mobile wallet, allowing you to store money used to pay for your laundry cycles.

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Save Time Using the LaundryCat App

Activate your
LaundryCat App account

Set your

Add funds to your
account balance

Pay for your machine cycle
with a simple phone tap

Sit back
and relax

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Safe, Clean, &
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