24 Hour Drop Off Laundry Service

24-Hour Pick-Up Drop-Off Laundry Services in Philadelphia | $1.49/per pound (10-pound minimum) | Comforters & bedding $16 per piece.

Are you ready to take laundry off your to-do list or cannot find the time to do your laundry? With how busy our everyday schedules can be, making time to tackle that growing pile of laundry can feel like an extra hassle. Instead of watching your dirty clothing hamper pile up to a monstrous size, let us help with our convenient laundry drop-off services! Our laundromat is open 24 hours, seven days a week, so no matter the day or time you stop by, we are here for you. Reclaim your free time with Bakers Centre Laundry! 

How Our Laundromat Drop-Off Services Work

With our professional laundromat drop-off services, our laundry experts at Bakers Centre provide a quick and efficient wash and fold for all the clothing you bring to us. After you select a drop-off date with us, we attentively sort your clothing to ensure there is no damage during the laundering process. Once your items are washed, we will dry your order separately to give you the utmost care and attention. We use Gain Soap and OxyClean in every load and Clorox Bleach for your whites. Our goal is to clean your laundry exactly the way you want us to. You can trust that our expertly trained staff will also follow any special instructions that you may have so you feel completely confident in leaving your clothing with us!

Affordable Drop-Off Laundry Services

We are the top wash and fold laundromat across Philadelphia, PA, dedicated to making laundry day and washing your clothes easier than ever before because of our professional laundry drop-off services. No matter the type of laundry load you have, big or small, Bakers Centre Laundry is your go-to choice for the ideal wash and fold laundromat in the area! We are here to help accommodate your busy schedule, so stop by today to utilize our drop-off service. 

24 Hour Pick Up Drop Off Laundry Services from Bakers Centre Laundry

At Bakers Centre Laundry, we take pride in being Philadelphia’s premier laundromat. When you stop by and visit us, you can enjoy an accommodating space that is always clean and fully attended. Our friendly, professional staff are available to answer any questions you may have or help with our machines, 24 hours a day, seven days a week! We have a spacious parking lot to make laundry day easier when you are picking up or dropping off your clothing items, and we also have free wifi, large TVs, and vending machines stocked with essentials like your favorite snacks, beverages, and laundry detergent. Are you ready to utilize our drop-off laundering services? Then visit us at Bakers Centre Laundry so we can help you out! Stop in today and experience our drop-off services. We cannot wait to be your new favorite laundromat!

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