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Cyber Laundry Payment App

At Bakers Centre Laundry, we strive to provide our customers with a sparkling clean, comfortable, safe, and friendly environment to do their laundry. Located in North Philadelphia, PA, we have been serving the Greater Philadelphia area for over 37 years. From our convenient laundry drop-off services to our 24/7 self-serve option, we make it easy to always have fresh and clean laundry, no matter the day or time.  


We’re always looking for innovative ways to better serve our customers, and with our new laundromat app, LaundryCat, you never have to wait around for your laundry. When you choose to use our Self Serve Laundry Service, you have the option of downloading our new laundry payment app. With LaundryCat, you can view your card’s balance, pay with your phone, start your machine, and be notified once your laundry is complete!

How to use your smart phone to start the machines:

  1. Go and get your Cyberlaundry Card
  2. Add value to your Cyberlaundry Card
  3. Download our laundromat app, LaundryCat, from the App Store or Google Play.
  4. Open the App and register a new account and set your location using GPS
  5. When prompted, link the Cyberlaundry Card by scanning the QR code on the front
  6. To start a machine, scan the machine’s QR code. Your phone will vibrate when completed.

We are North Philadelphia’s premier 24-hour laundromat, conveniently located across from ShopRite. We are fully attended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our expertly trained staff who provide every customer with the respect and service they deserve. Stop in and wash with us today! 

cyber laundry phone app
Our Services:
24 Hour Self Serve Laundry
24 Hour Drop Off Service

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