Salutations to Tough Stains: How To Combat Summer Picnic Stains

When you’re out at a summer cookout, the last thing you want to worry about is staining your clothes while feasting on delicious backyard barbecue food. From sticky sauces to messy grub, tough cookout stains can definitely rain on your parade. Instead of tossing away your favorite patriotic garments, leave it all to the stain specialists at Bakers Centre Laundry to learn about how to remove tough stains with ease.


We’ve all been there: you go to take a bite of a delicious hotdog with ketchup when suddenly a big red blob of ketchup falls straight down onto your clothing. While you may feel slight panic to save your favorite top or shorts, all you need for this common summer stain removal process is a butter knife, white vinegar, and dish soap! Use the butter knife to scrape off the ketchup, apply dish soap and white vinegar onto the stain area and soak for 10 minutes. Now you can go forth with as much ketchup as you desire on your hotdog with confidence!


For the chocolate fans who just can’t resist s’mores around the bonfire, melted chocolate can be quite the mess and put your light colored garments in jeopardy. To combat these stains, all you will need is a butter knife, club soda, and laundry detergent to act as a tough stain removal from clothing. Start off by removing as much chocolate as you can with the butter knife and drench the back of the stain with cold water. Use a heavy amount of club soda on the impacted area and soak in a mixture of cold water and laundry detergent for at least 15 minutes. Talk about a quick and easy common summer stain removal!

Barbecue Sauce

With every holiday cookout, you’re bound to be in close contact with savory barbecue sauce. Finding a fast and efficient way for a tough stain removal from clothing can be a bit sticky with barbecue sauce, but we have just the remedy for you. Grab laundry detergent and white vinegar to get started on taking this stain out of your clothing quickly! First, wash out the back of the stain under cold water. Next, saturate the stain with laundry detergent and rinse, repeating this process a few times. Finally, finish the job with white vinegar and watch the stain dissolve before your eyes!

If you have been wondering how to remove tough stains come summer picnic time, Bakers Centre Laundry has all the answers for you! Contact us today for all your stain questions and stop by our location for all your laundering needs.