Self Service Laundry

24 Hour Self-Serve Laundry

Modern, Clean, and Comfortable Environment

Bakers Centre Laundry offers you the most current model of machines as well as different sizes to accommodate your needs when using our 24 hour Self-Serve Laundry Service. Remember, when you wash with Bakers Centre Laundry you earn FREE DRY DOLLARS! Our facility is fully attended 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No matter what time you need to do laundry or need assistance, we are there to help, so come wash with us Philadelphia!

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Don’t Feel Like Sitting And Waiting For Your Laundry?

24 Hour Self-Serve Laundry in Philadelphia

Available Washers

Enormous Washers - 80 lb
Super Giant Washers - 60 lb
Giant Washers - 40 lb
Triple Loaders - 30 lb
Double Loader - 20 lb

Available Dryers (Earn FREE DRY DOLLARS when washing)

Extra Large – 75 lb
Large – 45 lb