Spring Cleaning Laundry Ideas

The weather is warming up, the sun is shining, and the days are longer, which can only mean one thing: spring is here! After a long, cold winter, spring is a great time to freshen up your home and do some deep cleaning. One area you should focus on is laundry day, specifically items you don’t wash as frequently. As you pack your winter gear away and bust out your warm-weather clothes, here are a few laundry tips to guarantee a fresh start to your spring.

Launder your comforters, mattress covers, pillows, and curtains.

Most of these items don’t get washed as frequently as other things, so spring is the perfect time to freshen them up. Heavy comforters, mattress covers, pillows, and curtains have likely collected dust, skin cells, and other particles over the winter. Bring all these items to your laundry room, check the tags for laundering recommendations, figure out how many loads you’ll need to do, and try opening up the windows to let some fresh air in as you wash these items.

Keep whites sparkling white.

White is a staple color in any spring or summer wardrobe, but it does have its downside: it can turn dingy or yellow over time, and stains are incredibly noticeable. To keep this seasonal color looking great through Labor Day, follow these spring cleaning tips:

  • Wash whites separately from colored clothes.
  • Use a detergent with an optical brightener.
  • Treat stains as soon as possible.
  • Use warm or hot water when allowable.
  • Add baking soda to the wash cycle.
  • Dry whites outdoors in the sun.

Wash and put away winter gear.

Washing your winter gear at the end of the season will help it last longer and reduce the time you need to spend cleaning it next winter. Gather all coats, gloves, snow pants, scarves, and sweaters you need to wash and try to group them based on color and material. After washing and drying, store your winter gear in airtight plastic storage containers.

Keep springtime allergies at bay.

Did you know you can free your clothes from common springtime allergens? While washing in cold water is helpful, you can also place items like bedding in the freezer, which will liberate pillowcases, sheets, and duvets from dust mites and other allergy-inducing contaminants.

Deep clean your washer and dryer.

It’s a good idea to deep clean your washer and dryer regularly, but if you’ve forgotten to do so over the winter, spring is the perfect time to restart this habit. To clean your washer, add a washing machine tablet to the bottom of the drum, close the door, and select the normal cycle with hot water. If you have a front-load washing machine, clean the drain pump filter, which catches lint, hair, and other small objects. To clean your dryer, remove the lint screen and give it a thorough cleaning with hot water and liquid detergent. Next, clean your dryer drum. Rub the drum with a soft cloth dipped in a mild detergent and diluted in warm water. Rinse well and tumble dry clean clothes or towels to dry the drum. Your dryer vent and duct system must be cleaned at least once a year to prevent a fire.

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