The Importance of Sorting Laundry

Have you ever experienced the unpleasant surprise of pulling your favorite white shirt out of the washer, and it’s pink? That problem could have been avoided if you separated your laundry. It may take a few more minutes to complete your laundry, but you will be pleased that your clothes come out clean and the same color they were when you put them in! If you’re not quite sure on how you should sort your laundry don’t worry, here are a few tips to give you all the confidence you need!

Sort by Color

When washing your clothes, it is wise to separate your lights, darks, and mediums as clothes with high saturated colors are more likely to bleed in the washer. Items that you are washing for the first time, like a new sweater, may be more likely to bleed. It would be smart to wash items such as these separately the first few times so they aren’t able to ruin your other clothes. Another helpful tip is to throw a color absorbing cloth in with your laundry, as it will absorb some of the dye from the water.

Sort by Fabric

Fabrics vary in weight and texture, which can be harmful for your clothes when you lump them together. Rougher fabrics and materials can cause damage to your more delicate items, such as shirts with buttons or zippers. Also, when drying your clothes, it is important to not that different materials have different dry times. Lighter materials do not require the longer length of dry time that heavier materials do, which can result in them becoming over-dried. If you try to avoid that by shortening the dry time, your heavier materials may come out damp, which can cause them to have an odor to them. So it is best to sort your clothing by fabric as this will ensure that they are receiving an adequate amount of time in the dryer.

Sort by Level of Dirtiness

This is a common problem for people who work outdoors. They spend many hours getting their clothes dirty and then throw them in with their other clothes when doing laundry. This may seem more convenient to get everything done at once, but it is actually doing damage to your clothing. The clothes that you have been wearing at work will require a more intense cycle to get rid of the stains and dirt that have accumulated. By washing them along with your other items, you are risking damage to your more delicate clothes. The heavy cycle can cause damage to the fabric or the dirt from your work clothes can appear on the other items in the washer. So it would be beneficial to wash your work clothes separately from your casual clothing to avoid further damage.

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