The Key to Coziness: How to Keep Blankets Soft

how to keep blankets soft
We have now entered fuzzy blanket season! It’s time to stow away the shorts and unload all of our warm and cozy winter items. Whether you are one to keep your soft blankets on your bed or draped over your couch, your snuggly spreads will eventually be in need of a good wash. Before you wad it in with your laundry pile, your soft blankets will need separate care in the process to avoid losing their fuzzy feel! The blanket buffs at Bakers Centre Laundry are delighted to share with you advice on how to keep blankets soft and cozy:

Consider Your Cleaning Style

Surprisingly, soft blankets are susceptible to losing their smooth feel during a typical laundry load. If you’re opting to hand wash your blanket, make up a sink of lukewarm water and your choice of fabric-appropriate detergent or dish soap! With your hands, work the soapsuds into the blanket and give a gentle, thorough scrub. Leave out to air dry when finished. Be sure to check your blanket’s tag if still attached to see if it’s dry clean only. If so, take to your dry cleaner for proper treatment instead!

You can machine wash your soft blanket but throwing it in with the rest of your clothing runs the risk of turning firm in the process! Instead, wash your soft blanket alone and set your washer’s dial on the delicate/gentle cycle in cold water. Add in fabric conditioners or detergents that promote a soft wash and you’re good to go! If you don’t have the correct supplies for the job or are in need of some assistance, bring it over to our drop off laundromat to take great care of your blanket’s needs!

Choose Air Drying or Low Heat Drying

Whether it be cozy socks or woolly blankets, garments made from fuzzy materials don’t do well in the dryer. Using high heat on soft fabrics can cause curled, reaped or scalloped edges that takes away what makes your blanket super soft. You can, however, use the dryer only if it is on the lowest heat setting — or no heat setting at all! Although, air drying your blankets is definitely the safest route to take!

Don’t let the fear of washing-gone-wrong prevent you from celebrating the season fuzzy blankets! Break out your soft blankets with confidence and have them draped wherever you please. If you’re looking for help in treating your bedding, learning how to keep blankets soft, or additional advice on your laundry, contact us at Bakers Centre Laundry! We can’t wait to make your day go a whole lot smoother!