Tips for Cleaning Outdoor Furniture and Cushions

How to clean outdoor furniture

Autumn is upon us! The leaves are falling and the temperature is still nice enough for bonfires with friends and family. Unfortunately, our outdoor furnishings take a toll being left out in all weather conditions. Elements such as rain can cause furniture to erode or sprout mold on uncovered fabrics. If you’re trying to enjoy being outside before the arrival of winter, the Bakers Centre Laundry professionals have some resourceful tips to help with cleaning outdoor furniture and cushions:

Launder Any Soiled Seating

It’s certainly not necessary to toss out your seemingly ruined cushions each year — most outdoor cushion covers are machine washable! First, check the tag to see what type of detergent is recommended. If not specified, play it on the safe side and use gentle detergent. Whether it may be your own washer or going to your self-service laundromat, use warm water to repel the mess. Tumble dry on low heat for a successful cleaning! If you have other chores on your to do list, visit your handy laundromat with drop off services to make the most of your time.

Create a Soapy Concoction

While you’re waiting for your cushions to come back to life, you can turn your attention to the fading outdoor furniture —  you’ll be surprised just how easy it is! Make note of the material of your furniture so you can properly remove any moldy build up. For your Rattan furniture, patio umbrellas or an awning, apply a mixture of dish soap and water (you can add bleach for those really tough stains). Scrub with either a cloth or brush and rinse thoroughly until the soap is gone. Allow to air dry.

Outdoor cushions made of specialized material, such as vinyl, require hand washing. Clean by applying a combo of dish soap and warm water, wiping the cushion with a cloth. Remember to refrain from drenching the vinyl material — it won’t turn out as effective of a clean! Allow to either air dry or wipe dry. Another alternative is going to a dry cleaner who can properly tend to your delicate cushions!

Use White Vinegar for the Win

White vinegar is a very resourceful cleaning agent that will eliminate nearly all stains and even prevent future ones so you’ll spend less time cleaning outdoor furniture and cushions. Furniture that is made up of plastic, wicker and teak wood benefit the most off of being cleaned with a blend of white vinegar and water — the acidity in vinegar counteracts buildups that other cleaning agents don’t. Spray vinegar directly onto the surface of your impacted furniture and rub with a cloth. For a more effective clean, rinse off the cloth every now and again during the process.

Before you say sayonara to outdoor activities like deck parties and dinner on the patio, enjoy being outside on your fresh and clean furniture! Follow these tips to keep your chairs and cushions looking brand new, no matter the weather. Or better yet, make a stop at Bakers Centre Laundry and we’ll help you get back to enjoying the great outdoors in comfort!