Winter Laundry Tips to Keep Your Clothes Looking Brand New

winter laundry tipsCrisp air, cozy sweaters, winter has arrived! While you might stay inside more often, when you do venture outside, you’ll want to ensure your winter clothes are in top condition. Keeping your clothes clean and fresh can be challenging between bulky coats, scarves, and fuzzy socks. But fear not! Bakers Centre Laundry is here to the rescue with winter laundry tips and tricks to keep your wardrobe looking brand new all season long.

Wash in Cold Water

Are you tempted to wash your winter laundry load in warm water? Think again! Washing in hot water can cause colors to fade and shrink your garments. If you’re wondering how to make clothes last longer, cold water is the way to go. It cleans just as effectively and is gentler on your clothes.

Use the Delicate Cycle

Your winter wardrobe is probably filled with delicate pieces like wool sweaters, silk blouses, and cashmere. To keep them looking their best, use the delicate cycle on your washing machine. The delicate cycle minimizes agitation, which reduces friction and prolongs the life of your clothing.

Pre-Treat Stains

Winter weather also means potential stains from spilled hot chocolate, sidewalk salt, and even mysterious mud patches. To keep your favorite items looking clean, pretreat stains as soon as you notice them. Pretreating before washing helps to lift stains from the fabric and keep them from setting. 

Air Dry When You Can

One of the best tips to remember when looking for how to make clothes last longer is to air dry when you can. While tossing your clothes in the dryer can seem like a quick and easy way to get them dry, it can be extremely harsh on your clothing. When you air-dry your clothes, you avoid shrinkage and fading and reduce wrinkles. For thicker items like towels and jeans, dryer time is inevitable. Use the lowest heat setting and avoid overcrowding the dryer to prevent shrinkage and wrinkles. Invest in wool dryer balls, which help maintain your wool and other delicates’ shape and softness.

Store Clothes Properly

Once your winter wardrobe is washed and dried, learning how to properly store your clothes is crucial to extending their lifespan. Fold sweaters carefully, store delicates in breathable bags, and avoid stuffing everything into cramped closets. Proper storage prevents wrinkles and creases and keeps your clothes ready for next winter.

Turn Clothes Inside Out 

This simple trick protects garments from abrasion and preserves the outer layer’s appearance. It’s especially beneficial for dark-colored and patterned fabrics.

Utilize a Mesh Bag

Don’t underestimate the power of mesh bags! They’re perfect for keeping socks, delicates, and smaller items safe from the harshness of your washing machine’s agitator.

The Right Amount of Detergent 

Over-using detergent can leave residue and dull colors. Stick to the recommended amount, or consider a concentrated formula for extra effectiveness.

Laundry Tips and Tricks With Bakers Centre Laundry

If you’re looking for a self-serve laundromat that can help you keep your winter wardrobe looking its best, consider Bakers Centre Laundry. We have a modern, clean, and comfortable environment to relax in while you do your laundry and the most current models of machines and different sizes to accommodate your laundry needs. Stop by today and find out why we’re the best choice for your winter-weather washing and drying.

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