Celebrate National Laundry Day And Earth Day By Using These 5 Tips To Save Energy During Your Next Trip To The Laundromat


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What better way to celebrate Earth Day and National Laundry day than to implement some energy-saving tips when you visit us to wash and dry your clothes!

The average washing machine uses about 350 to 500 watts of energy per load. Learning the ins and outs of your laundry approach can help you make smaller changes to your laundry needs and an even bigger impact on the environment.

It might seem simple, separate colors, throw your clothes into the washer, add in the detergent, and boom! You’re done! Unfortunately, implementing washing machine energy-saving tips does take a little bit more thought. Not to worry! Once you get into the habit of making these changes, they almost become second nature in your laundry routine!

1. Change your water temperature!

Using cold water can reduce the energy in one load of laundry by less than half as compared to hot water. While you may be concerned that your clothes may not get clean, cold water detergents help make sure your clothes are ready to be worn ASAP! With that said, be mindful of how many suds you may be putting in your washer. This can cause an increase in time and energy for your load of laundry.

2. Make sure you have a full load of laundry (but not too full!)

You might be wondering how to save water while washing your clothes. The best way is to make sure you are not doing a small load of laundry so that you can best use the water already allocated for your dirty clothes. Even so, if the washer is too full, this can cause increased energy consumption and your clothes may not be cleaned as thoroughly.

3. Be wise about drying times.

Different fabrics dry at various speeds so separating towels and lightweight synthetics will allow for a faster and more efficient dry. Be sure to unload and reload your dryer quickly to reduce the time the dryer needs to come to temperature.

4. Use dryer balls!

Implementing the use of rubber or wool dryer balls in your laundry routine gives your clothes more space between them to dry and significantly reduces drying time as well as static so you do not need to use dryer sheets!

5. Use lower heat settings in your dryer.

While this might mean your clothes take a little longer to dry, this reduces the amount of energy used to get your clothes ready to be worn.

When you do your laundry, odds are that you want the best results for your clothes. With just a little more time and effort, you can also take small steps to make an impact on the environment. The best thing you can do to learn how to save water while washing your clothes is finding that sweet spot to make sure your washer is full but not too full!

As you follow these washing machine energy-saving tips, know that how you approach the dryer is just as important! Keep Bakers Centre Laundry in your mind when taking the time to search “full-service laundromat near me”!