Going Green: 2 Important Tips To Create A More Eco-Friendly Experience At The Laundromat

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Now more than ever, people are truly going above and beyond to take care of the environment! Between consistent recycling, installing solar panels, and supporting businesses that promote the environment, there are ample ways for you to do your part and “go green”, even in the smallest of ways. If you’ve been wondering what small yet effective ways on how to be more sustainable when it comes to your everyday routine, we highly recommend starting with how you go about your laundry! We’ve got the top eco-friendly laundry tips for you for the next time you visit the laundromat and every day after to do your part for the planet.


Wash Clothing in Cold Water

When you wash your clothing in hot water, you end up using more energy to have the water heated compared to just using cold water. In fact, heating water takes about 90 percent of the total energy consumption for your washing machine to operate, calling for a new method to clean your clothes without using an overt amount of energy. Our eco-friendly laundry tip for you is to simply use cold water over hot since it will still get your laundry clean while cutting back on energy. In addition to less energy use, cold water has the following benefits for our garments:


  • Highly effective for removing tough stains and difficult smudges.
  • Great for delicate and dark-colored fabrics.
  • Decreases the chance of your clothing shrinking or fading.


Who knew going green could really help the environment and the quality of our clothing! Be sure to use cold water for your clothing the next time you visit the laundromat.


Fill (Not Overfill) Your Washing Machine 

When you don’t fill your washing machine all the way up to its stated maximum capacity, you end up wasting water and electricity. Whether you are washing a few items or have your washing machine packed up to the fill line, your laundry machine will still use the same amount of energy and water. To make the most of these resources without being wasteful, fill your washing machine up as much as it allows but don’t overfill your washer as this can cause damage to the machine.

Who said going green had to be difficult?! By choosing cold water over hot and utilizing all of your washing machine’s space to its potential, finding ways on how to be more sustainable has never been easier! Stop on by our 24-hour laundromat to start cleaning your clothing the “green” way with us today.