How Often Should I Be Washing My Clothes? A Personalized Schedule



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It’s Sunday, and you find yourself running around your home gathering a week’s worth of dirty laundry to wash. Towels, jeans, workout clothes, and bedsheets make their way into your laundry basket. Even if Sunday is laundry day, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should throw everything in the washing machine that day. While some items, such as socks and underwear, should be washed after every wear, other garments, like jeans, can get more than one wear before a wash. Today, the experts at Bakers Centre Laundry are sharing a personalized laundry schedule to follow so you know exactly how often you should do your laundry.


Creating a Laundry Schedule Based on Your Needs

To determine how often you should wash your clothes, sheets, towels, and everything else, several factors need to be considered. Try following these best practices for the best outcome the next time you do your laundry.


  • Be mindful of how you separate your clothes – While we all know to separate dark clothing from light, there are various other ways to divide your laundry. Separate lightly soiled clothing from items that are dirty or muddy and abrasive fabrics from your delicates.
  • Don’t overload your machines – Your washing machine and dryer work best when they’re not overloaded. Your clothes need room to spin around so the detergent can be distributed evenly and everything can be dried uniformly.
  • Clean and sanitize your washer – You wash away dirt, gunk, grime, and bacteria from your clothes, so it’s a smart idea to sanitize your washer regularly.
  • Choose the correct water temperature – Knowing what fabrics do best in what water temperature can help extend the life of your clothing. Delicates, like silk and wool, do best in cold water, while hot water works best for stronger fabrics, like cotton and polyester.
  • Select the best detergent for your laundry – Sometimes, you need a laundry detergent that’s best for sensitive skin. Other times, you need help fighting stains and spills. Choose a laundry detergent that works best for you and your family.


How Often Should You Do Laundry? 

While we know socks, underwear, workout gear, and undershirts should be washed after every use, bras can be worn three to four times before washing, depending on the season. Your bras can be washed less frequently when the weather is cooler and you aren’t sweating as much. Your socks and underwear are in close contact with your skin and sweat every day, so it’s crucial to wash them after each wear.


Daily wear items, such as shirts, blouses, dress pants, dresses, and pajamas, can go a little longer, usually worn two to three before washing. Clothes like jeans, sweaters, and jackets can be worn even longer, usually five to six times before washing.


Household items, like hand and dish towels and washcloths, should be washed at the end of every day. Bedsheets and pillowcases should be washed every week, while blankets can go a little longer between washings, anywhere from one to three months. Be sure to wash all these items in hot water and dry on high heat to help kill bacteria.


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