Importance of your Laundry Schedule


Importance of laundry schedule

Everyone knows laundry is a hassle. Getting it done can be timely and incontinent. But here’s the truth, scheduling your laundry can be good for you and your family. Check out these tips for getting that ready to go!

Importance of a a schedule
It’s only natural to have a daily routine. Studies have shown that holding to your daily routine truly does have its benefits. Mastering your routine will save you time and energy. Getting used to coming home from work and immediately getting that load of wash started will allow you to get settled in while your laundry machine is already at work.

Routines also help eliminate bad habits. Being on a schedule allows you to determine which habits are effective and which hold you back. Whether it’s eliminating that afternoon cigarette or kicking that second cup of morning coffee, sticking to your routine will help you make effective changes in your life.

Most importantly routines lead to better mental health. Following a daily schedule will allow you to assess when you are most productive and when you need to focus just a little harder! This will allow you to get more done, and achieve your goals!

Making your Schedule
You and your family have a weekly schedule so why can’t your laundry? Start by assessing who needs what clothes clean at what times. Does your son need that smelly uniform washed? Does your husband need his suit pressed? Make sure your daughter’s dance leotard is ready to go! Try splitting your loads into categories that work best for your family’s schedule. For example:

Monday: Sports gear
Tuesday: Towels
Wednesday: Sheets and linens
Thursday: Casual Clothing
Friday: Work Clothing

Organizing your laundry is beneficial to having your clothing ready on time. Washing work clothes on Friday assures they are ready to go and wrinkle free by Monday. Washing your sports gear on Monday will get rid of that game day stench and have them ready for this week’s practices. Having a specific day for towels and sheets will help keep the load customizable for what is being washed giving you the best results possible!

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